Utopia World Hotel Transfer

Utopia World Hotel Transfer

Utopia World Hotel, which has a 12-hectare green area on a high hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is not in a very central location but is only 7 kilometers away from the Gold Cable Park, which is a water sports complex. The distance from this ultra-luxurious property, located on an elevated position, to Alanya Castle, built in the Middle Ages, is only 20 kilometers. Offering rooms with sea or mountain views upon request, all rooms of Utopia World Hotel have free wireless internet and minibars. This hotel has both high-end rooms with sofa lounges and suites with jacuzzis. In this hotel, parking and open buffet breakfast are included in the price and if you use these services, you will not be charged any fees. You can use our Utopia World Hotel Transfer service to stay in this beautiful, scenic hotel with many facilities.

Why Should You Benefit From Our Alanya Group Transfer Service To Go To Utopia World Hotel?

Due to its location, Utopia World Hotel is located approximately one hundred and fifty kilometers from Antalya airport. Anyone who wants to reach this hotel, which is located on a hill, has to travel for at least two hours. Although this journey in your private car may take more than three hours, it is possible to reach this hotel in just two hours by using our transfer service.

Located very close to Gazipaşa Alanya Airport, Utopia World Hotel is only twenty-six kilometers from this airport. This hotel, which you can easily reach by going via Antalya Road or D400, seems like a short way to go in half an hour with your private car or a car hired from a car rental service, but this will not be the case in the tourist season. You will need to spend at least an hour on the road to arrive at this hotel, which hosts hundreds of tourists during the tourist season. However, it is possible to keep this time as half an hour by using Alanya Group’s Transfer service.

With our experienced and trained drivers, you will discover the shortest routes to Utopia World Hotel and you will arrive at your hotel as soon as possible! Moreover, during this journey, you will benefit from our most comfortable vehicles and cool off with free beverage service.

Our Vehicles for Utopia World Hotel Transfer

Our vehicles, which are twenty percent cheaper than the market but more comfortable, and the features of these vehicles can be listed as follows:

Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: One of our most comfortable vehicles, this vehicle is the ideal vehicle for our guests who consider both their budget and comfort.

Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: Although it is our most expensive vehicle in terms of price, you will taste the luxury with this vehicle, which is still cheap in general!

Wv Caravella Transfer: If you hate narrow spaces and need a spacious, wide area, this vehicle is for you!

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