What To Do On Holiday In Alanya

What to Do on Holiday in Alanya?

As one of the most popular tourist attraction places, Alanya provides lots of activities for everyone who does not exactly know what to do on holiday in Alanya. Here, we get together some of the must-do activities during your Alanya holiday.

Sapadere Canyon Excursion

Sapadere Canyon Excursion starts at Sapadere Canyon, which you can easily reach by following the signs in Demirtaş Town of Alanya, one of the distinguished districts of Antalya, and is in Sapadere Village, 15 km from the sea.

This magnificent canyon, with a height of 400 meters, was made of wood using a walking platform for the visitors to travel easily. Sapadere Canyon is 350 meters long. The natural swimming pools in the canyon are suitable for both swimming and hiking.

It is possible to learn how deep the natural pools are from the signs hung next to the natural pools. When you look at the 400-meter-high canyon, its beauty and height can turn your head. A wonderful waterfall awaits you at the end of the hiking trail.

It is not possible to proceed further, but the place where the waterfall waters spill is a completely natural pool. Swimming in this very clear cold water is free. Of course, if you can stand the cold, Sapadere Canyon water temperature is quite low.

Cleopatra Beach Sea and Sun

Cleopatra Beach Sea and Sun stands out as one of the blue flag private beaches within the borders of Alanya. Cleopatra Beach, which is among the elite holiday paradises of Antalya, takes its name from the famous queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

Today, Cleopatra Beach is accepted among the beaches with a fascinating view and beauty with its warm sand, original sandy beach and clear sea. It hosts and hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists in the best way every year. Many people from all over the world come to Cleopatra Beach to sunbathe and swim.

Although there are many rumors about Cleopatra Beach, the most striking one is that the area where the beach is located was gifted to Queen Cleopatra by the Roman General Antonius. In the continuation of the story, it is told that Cleopatra went down to Cleopatra Beach every day to take a bath.

The golden color of this unique beach, the sea and the sand and the clarity of the sea attract the attention of the tourists who come to the beach and admire this impressive beach. Cleopatra Beach stands out as one of the blue flag private beaches within the borders of our country.

Cleopatra Beach, which is among the elite holiday paradises of our country, takes its name from the famous queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

Pirvate Boat Trips

Private Boat Trips are one of the most popular activities in Alanya, which are organized with Private, wooden excursion boats unique to the Mediterranean, where you will be able to see the most breathtaking coastline of Alanya. lovers and visits to the phosphorus caves.

Then, you should enjoy the scenery of Cleopatra beach because it is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world and also one of the most peaceful and cleanest beaches of Alanya. You can also see the dolphins and sea turtles during your return to Alanya. The music and animations on the Alanya Private boat trips offer you a fun environment.


Feel the Mediterranean wind with Alanya paragliding and watch the landscapes from the sky. If you are courageous enough, be ready to be taken your feet off the ground.

Paragliding in Alanya is one of the most popular tours and it is an activity where you can experience adrenaline without the need for any experience. If you want to be involved in paragliding and see Alanya from a bird’s eye view, all you have to do is to be included in the tour.

Our professional pilots will give you the necessary instructions. You don’t need to hesitate as our experienced pilots have received their certificates from the international aviation federation and the Turkish Aeronautical Association (FAI and THK). A safe flight awaits you as you will soar to the skies with the pilot.

Jeep Safari

You will spend a day full of excitement and adventure, where you will see wonderful views on the Alanya Jeep Safari tour. With 4×4 off-road jeeps, you will discover challenging roads that you have never seen before. You will embark on a breathtaking adrenaline-filled journey.

Jeep Safari is the best activity organized for you to have an adrenaline-filled and exciting day. Off-road is a privileged tour with Dimçayı and the most beautiful scenery to be seen. Lunch and swimming break are one of the most interesting places, especially in Dimçayı. It is known as the place where dimçay, cold water and food are served in the river.

Are you ready for this adrenaline-filled off-road experience on the shores of Dimçayı? Action, adventure, fun, pristine nature view and lunch together in Dimcayı…

Turkish Hammam

A visit to the Turkish bath is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and fatigue during your Alanya holiday. In our hot dry sauna, you will sweat and get rid of the toxins and dead skin layers on your skin with the scrub massage.

With the scrub and oil massage, you will feel a pleasant comfort and lightness in your body. In addition, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room in Turkish baths in Alanya are offered free of charge within the scope of holiday packages. Do not delay your visit to the hammam, which includes the classic scrub, foam and aromatic oil massage package applied by expert masseurs.

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