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White Gold Hotel Tours: Suitable for All Ages

You can make unforgettable memories with White Gold Hotel tours. Especially if you are curious about Alanya and Antalya, you should definitely be interested in our tours. Our tours are prepared by professional teams and all security environment is provided. Antalya and Alanya have become one of the most preferred regions for your vacation in recent years. For this reason, what to do in the region is also a matter of curiosity.

Antalya and Alanya have a unique view. With both sea and green area views, it gives a feeling of nature and does not get away from the city culture. You can decide which activities you can do depending on this. The main purpose of our tours is fun. You can make your vacation unforgettable by having fun. Besides, we want to make Alanya a beautiful place for you. Tours are the most logical and enjoyable way for you to make good memories. Click now and get in touch to find out the details!

Jeep Safari

Boat Tour


White Gold Hotel Tours and Curious Features

What are you wondering about White Gold Hotel tours? We answer all your questions. Our tours have different times and quotas. For this reason, you can pay attention to this issue when choosing a tour. Our tours can last 1 hour or 6 hours. At the same time, there are tours that can be attended by a single person as well as tours that turn into a group activity.

Therefore, these points are considered in tour selections. We have a special transfer service for tours. With this service, it is not necessary to pay an extra fee for the tour. In this way, you can be ready for pleasant times without delay. At the same time, our tours have many different alternatives. For example, there are many unique tours such as paragliding, horse riding, night club tours. Click for detailed information!

Hotel: https://www.whitegoldhotel.com/

White Gold Hotel Transfer

White Gold Hotel tours also include transfer service. Our transfer service covers the airport and many other places along with the tours. Especially airport pick-up service is included in our transfer service. Many types of vehicles are included in our transfer service. You can choose the one that suits you from these vehicles. We also have private drivers. Our drivers speak more than one language, so you can also choose a driver who speaks your language. You should make a reservation for your transfer on our website. Here, both the number of people, location information, time and day should be specified. Then the vehicle selection should be made and price information is also included.

White Gold Hotel and Airports

Our airport service is also included in White Gold Hotel tours. The nearest airport to White Gold Hotel is the one located in Alanya. The name of this airport is Gazipasa Airport. It takes 32 minutes between Gazipasa Airport and White Gold Hotel. This journey is 40 kilometers. Another airport is Antalya Airport, which is the most frequently visited airport. This airport is quite far from White Gold Hotel. The journey ends in an average of 2 hours. This 130-kilometer journey is completed with a sea view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for White Gold Hotel tours?

You can choose cash and credit card for payments. You can also make payments before the tour or online.

Is there an age limit for White Gold Hotel tours?

Although not for every tour, some of our tours have age limits. You can learn about these in advance.

Can we join the tours every day?

Some tours are organized frequently and some tours are organized at longer intervals. Contact us for details.

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