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Our company has been serving in the field of tourism for 17 years. The services you receive with the Alanya Group brand are people-oriented. We attach importance to user satisfaction. It is our mission to maximize quality service by closely following changing environmental conditions and technological innovations.

With the assurance of Alanya Group, you can find instant solutions to all your holiday needs.

Our services

Antalya Airport, Hotel, Transfer, Car rental with driver, Private Sightseeing

Do not decide to rent a car in our Antalya Car Rental fleet

Spend an exciting holiday with our City Culture and Daily Tour services.

Earn regular income by making the right investments with our company.

Own the properties you need with our company. Review the projects and decide.

Easily rent the equipment you need on vacation.
Car, Yacht, Camping Equipment, motorcycle, Caravan.

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It is quite easy to order a transfer via our website. We provide special service to your needs with the latest model vehicles.

Alanya Group Airport Transfers. Our aim is to provide the highest quality service to our customers and to meet their needs.
We offer the best and discounted airport transfer services to Antalya Airports such as Belek Airport, Side Airport, Mahmutlar Airport, Gazipaşa Airport and Antalya City Airport. We have a very large fleet of vehicles suitable for your budget and it is much cheaper than other Antalya Airport transfer services.


Spend your days to the fullest by choosing special tour packages in Alanya. Experience exciting activities by choosing them. As Alanya group, you can participate in the most popular activities with these tour packages we offer.

All you have to do is to fill in the reservation form below and send it to us. Alanya Group is the first address to spend a nice holiday in the unique coastal city of Alanya.

Rent Services

Easily rent what you need on holiday with Alanya Group with our Car Rental, villa, apart, hotel, caravan, camping equipment, bicycle, motorcycle, chauffeured car rental services.

Investment consulting

Antalya Immobilien - Alanya Group Investment

Make the right investment by discussing investment tools such as For Sale, Flat, Summer House, Villa, Land, Business network with our consultants.
If you want to buy or sell your property, Alanya Group allows you to find channels that will offer profitable investments, so you do not waste time and money.
boat tour
Easily make a reservation at Alanya Group to participate in boat tour activities in every region of Antalya.
Caravan Rental
To rent a camper on vacation, browse the list of Alanya Group campervans and choose the one that suits you best.

Health Tourism

Turkey Health Tourism

Alanya Group Turkey Health Tourism; is an international health tourism company that is committed to providing the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey to its patients by combining the most effective treatment method and the lowest cost options for patients all over the world. Alanya Group is a model health tourism assistant company with its professional, strong and experienced team.
There are over 50 specially selected hospitals and clinics under the umbrella of Alanya Group.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book from Alanya Group, which provides a corporate solution to attend special events on holiday and to book tours.

For other transfers, you can contact us on the contact page.  You can review customer comments and reviews from our Google map address.