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Experience unforgettable moments full of excitement with the Pirate Boat Trip.




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    Duration: 6 Hours
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    Alanya Boat Tour

    Alanya Boat Tour, How about discovering the exquisite beauties with a boat tour in Alanya? Thanks to the boat tour in Alanya, which is famous for its natural beauties, you can spend a peaceful holiday intertwined with the sea. All you have to do is contact us and take advantage of the boat tour options and services we provide.

    Explore unique places and swim in cool waters with Alanya Pirate boat tour.

    The boats on which you will travel are the most luxurious and comfortable ones. In this way, we provide you with a professional and quality experience. After you take off from Alanya harbor with your boat, pass near Cleopatra beach.

    Thus, enjoy the journey to Ulaş beach, which is close to the city center. Enjoy the entertainment with the animation teams, music, and many other activities provided to you during the journey.

    Don’t forget that many activities are waiting for you to make your journey enjoyable. You can also discover the beauties of the sea many times during swimming breaks on our boat. Continue the fun with dolphins and sea turtles in the sea. Don’t forget that you can visit Ulaş Beach until your break is complete.

    Advantages You Will Have By Choosing Us

    You may be wondering about the details of the service we offer you while you travel with the most luxurious boats of Alanya. You can examine the services we offer you in detail below:

    • Our tour days are every day of the week. Thus, you will continue to cruise for 6 hours on luxury boats that you can choose from throughout the day. It is our priority for you to have a comfortable journey during this time. That’s why we provide refreshments such as lunch, drinks, snacks throughout the tour.
    • During the tour, we offer you professional guides who are knowledgeable about every location of Alanya. In this way, you get the chance to explore the historical and natural beauties closely by learning about the places you visited with them.

    Places You Can Visit During Your Journey

    If you are wondering about the places you can visit and explore during the boat tour, you are at the right place. We offer you many of the unique beauties of Alanya throughout the tour. In this way, we ensure that your Alanya tour is efficient and enjoyable for you.

    Get the best experience by choosing us. We will pick you up from your hotel or your location and start your tour at 10:00.

    • Pirates Cave
    • Lovers’ Cave
    • Phosphorus Cave
    • Cleopatra Beach
    • Ulaslar Beach

    Be ready to be picked up from your location with our transfers to visit these beauties. After the luxury cruise experience, we will offer you, you will have the opportunity to have a perfect boat tour.

    Tour Details

    Our departure time is 10:00. Our boats depart from Alanya harbor near the shipyard. Our tour, which starts from Alanya castle, continues with a magnificent holiday strip.

    Later, our boat will pass near Cleopatra beach. We take a break near the sandy, clean and quiet Ulaş beach, which is about 7 km from the city centre. During our Alanya boat tour, the animation team and music will offer you a very entertaining and entertaining atmosphere.

    There are swimming breaks on our boat tour 3-4 times. If it’s your lucky day, you can even see dolphins and sea turtles. You will be back at the port around 15:00

    Our boats are the most luxurious boats in Alanya.

    Tour Duration: 6 Hours


    Alanya boat tour itinerary

    1. You are picked up from your hotel or place.
    2. Our boat is departing from Alanya Port at 10:00.
    3. Swimming break near the shipyard
    4. Pirates Cave
    5. Lovers Cave
    6. Phosphorous Cave
    7. Cleopatra Beach
    8. Lunch
    9.  Swimming at Ulaşlar Beach
    10. Devil’s Cave
    11. Swimming breaks
    12. Return from open water to Alanya harbor.
    13. Transfer to your hotel or place.

    Contents Included in the Price:

    • Lunch (Grilled chicken, 3 kinds of salad, rice)
    • Transfer
    • Guidance
    • Animations
    • Soft drinks (except Water, Cola, Fanta, Mineral water)

    Additional Information:

    • There are changing cabins, toilets, wc and showers on our yacht.
    •  You will have swimming breaks for 3-4 times. Therefore, if you want to swim, you should take your swimsuit, sunscreen and towel with you.
    • In case of seasickness, guests are recommended to take the relevant medication during the tour.

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