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Antalya Boat Tour is one of the most preferred tourist activities by domestic tourists in Turkey and foreign tourists coming to Turkey from abroad. Antalya is the city where the tourism sector has developed the most in Turkey. Antalya offers many different options to its visitors in the tourism sector. Antalya is the most preferred city in terms of sea tourism. The city of Antalya has a very beautiful and fascinating sea. Boat tours here are the most exclusive activity of summer tourism. You can have the opportunity to visit the most fascinating coves of this touristic city by means of the Antalya Boat Tour.

he coves you can visit by boat in Antalya can be listed as follows:

  • Ayışığı Cove is a bay that will fascinate you with its visuality.
  • Beycik Bükü Cove is a bay preferred by tourists who want to spend time in a secluded area.
  • Kiriş Cove is a bay that should be preferred by tourists who enjoy diving.
  • Finally, Kleopatra Cove is one of the most preferred bays by people who enjoy being in touch with nature.

Our company is designed to offer visitors the most extraordinary holiday experience. In addition, our company offers services such as “yacht tours, boat rental, and yacht charter”.

Antalya Yacht Tours

Antalya Yacht Tours offers its customers yacht tour options in many different kinds. Among yacht tours; There are options such as “daily yacht tours, hourly yacht tours, long-term yacht tours, group yacht tours and for special occasions yacht tours”. Hourly yacht tours offer customers the opportunity to have a pleasant time at a certain time interval. Daily yacht tours offer guests the opportunity to visit some coves on a daily basis. Long-term yacht tours offer a nice holiday opportunity for the desired period of time. Special occasion yacht tours allow you to spend pleasant moments on your special days. These days can be wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations. Finally, group yacht tours are an ideal choice for a yacht tour with your family and friends.

If you are dreaming of a unique yacht tour, Antalya Yacht Tours is the place where your dreams will come true. Our company provides all kinds of support to its customers with its professional team.

Antalya Boat Rental

Our company is the option where you can get the most professional support in the field of Antalya Boat Rental. We have crewed and uncrewed boats. We have boat options of any size you desire. We have boat options designed for families with or without children.

Antalya Boat Rental types can be listed as follows:

  • The Monolog boat type is ideal for families with children.
  • Motorboat type should be preferred by people who like speed.
  • Catamaran boat type should be preferred by those who want to travel in shallow places.
  • Gulet boat type is one of the boat types that stand out with its comfort.

Our company offers services to its customers with options suitable for every need. We are a professional and experienced company.

Antalya Yacht Charter

Our company offers the highest quality service to its customers in the Antalya Yacht Charter Sector. In the yacht charter sector, which covers many countries around the world, our company has yacht charter options covering every need. Our company has an experienced team. Yachts can be chartered on a daily or weekly basis.

Antalya Yacht Charter offers its customers a holiday opportunity to admire with their families and friends. Yachts owned by our company can be chartered with or without a captain. You can visit the magnificent coves of Antalya through our company. Please contact us for the best prices and more information. You will be so pleasure from our services.


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