Services We Provide:

  • Airport transfer
  • Day Trips
  • apartment rental
  • Investment consultancy
  • Boat Tour
  • Private boat charter
  • Caravan Rental
  • Jungle Camp Tent Rental
  • Jeep Tour safari
  • Paragliding

Alanya Group Transfer Service List ; Vip car rental services for 16 years, our company, honest, quality and customer-oriented work in the industry are in the leading position. Our company, with years of experience in the sector by analyzing the needs well, to meet all the needs of our customers, we are constantly renewed. Our company is not satisfied with the location, constantly expanding the vehicle fleet. As a company, we provide the most comfortable and uninterrupted chauffeured vip car rental service to every region of Antalya.


The services of our company can be listed as follows;

alanya airport transfer

• Car Rental with Driver
• All types of airport transfers
• Vip minibus rental
• Maybach brand car hire with Mercedes Vito and Sprinter S350, S500 and S500
• Long term car rental
• Luxury car rental
• Daily car rental at affordable prices
• Hotel booking service
• Apartment, Apart, Villa Rental Service
• Private yacht charter
• Car Rental without Driver

People who come to Antalya for the holidays prefer to rent a car with driver. As a company, we have a fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers to make this service the best way. All of our drivers have a driving license for at least five years. If our customers demand, we also provide drivers who can speak the desired languages. English, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, German, Turkish who use the most beautiful, diction and respectful people.
Free Wifi, Water and Other beverages are offered in our cars.
Our company is considering the number and comfort of our customers, we provide Vito rental service with the latest model chauffeur. We provide this service during daytime during the daytime and we continue to provide this service at nighttime upon request. The benefits of this service can be listed as follows;

Vip Minibus with Driver

The most convenient car rental service for group trips is the vip minibus with driver. As a company up to 18 people, without compromising comfort vip minibus rental service. Our minibuses consist of the latest models, specially designed Mercedes vehicles ..

Within the scope of this service, we have the equipment to meet all kinds of needs from tea coffee machines to refrigerators in the vehicles with our experienced and friendly drivers. Our vehicles save a lot of people from the cost of renting multiple vehicles, while at the same time providing a more vigorous and enjoyable trip to the destinations. When requested, our vehicles take guests from the airport to the holiday destinations and take them to the airport on the desired date.

Long Term Car Rental

We also provide long term car rental service for our customers who want to get car rental service for longer periods. Our customers can rent vehicles or fleets for monthly, yearly or even longer periods according to their needs. Our customers who buy long term car rental service instead of buying a car; it avoids dealing with both costly and time-consuming issues such as insurance, insurance and maintenance.

They also have the opportunity to drive younger and more comfortable vehicles every year. Many car rental companies demand far higher prices in long-term car rentals. Our company, customer satisfaction as the target, long-term vehicle rentals, the industry’s most luxurious and comfortable vehicles with the lowest prices are realized.

Another privilege that our customers will benefit from when they receive long-term car rental services is the right to change their car brands and models at any time without any additional charge. In addition, companies and companies can rent fleets of vehicles of the same or different vehicle models and types in accordance with the sector they serve.

Airport Transfer Service

We do not know any competitors in Antalya airport transfer, which is the most demanded in holiday and business trips. We provide transfer service for all airports in Antalya for our guests who do not want to wait at the airports and who want to reach their desired location in comfort. If our guests have booked in advance and choose the type of vehicle that suits their needs, our vehicles are ready at the airport of their choice before their arrival time.

In the transfer service we provide with the latest model Mercedes and Range Rover vehicles, our experienced and friendly drivers determine the most suitable route in advance to provide a comfortable journey for our guests. Although there are all kinds of equipment in our luxury vehicles that will ensure the comfort of our guests during the journey, we also supply the requested additional equipment (such as baby seat) and prepare it before the journey. We also have specially designed vehicles for disabled passengers to have the same comfort. Our drivers also help in loading and unloading the goods and do not bother our guests with any detail.

In addition to renting a luxury car, our company also benefits our guests with lower budgets. As a company, in this context, Antalya province is implementing the most favorable price policy in the car rental sector. Within the scope of this service, we can make use of our well maintained and rich vehicle types with or without driver. All the necessary documents of our vehicles are ready, insured, well maintained and complete physical examinations. On the other hand, all our drivers are undergoing refresher training on both vehicles and services. Our guests who want to benefit from the privileged services of our company, our customer representatives, can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. When you reach our customer representatives, you can find a solution that suits your demands and needs.


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