Armas Bella Sun Transfer

Armas Bella Sun Transfer: Luxurious Standards

With Armas Bella Sun transfer service, you can travel in the most luxurious standards. Especially if you are looking for international transfer comfort, we offer this service. You can also use many more advantages with the transfer service. Because you can use free drinks with our transfer services. At the same time, you can benefit from air conditioning service free of charge. Along with these, there are also services such as TV in our vehicles. You can benefit from each of them free of charge. You can go to every point in Antalya with this service.

Armas Bella Sun hotel has an all-inclusive concept. With over 15 years of adventure, this hotel has many advantages. It is possible to see many different types of pools in this hotel. It also has a private beach and sand and gravel are seen together on this beach. It is possible to try many foods from the world cuisine. The hotel has many sports and entertainment activities throughout the season.

There are many room options in the hotel such as standard room, spacious room and room with bunk beds. It is also possible to see many services such as spa service and Turkish bath in the hotel. With Armas Bella Sun transfer, you can try the advantages of the hotel as soon as possible.

Armas Bella Sun Transfer Vehicles and Services

Our Armas Bella Sun transfer vehicles offer you many options with very luxurious models. The vehicles used in our transfer service cover 2019 and later models. In this way, you can try the vehicle quality closely. There are specially made top quality seat materials in our vehicles. In this way, you can try comfortable seats while traveling in the vehicle.

Our vehicles are regularly checked and cleaning steps are applied for hygiene. The advantages of the transfer service are not limited to these. Reservation is also included in our services. You can make our reservation process through our website. In this way, you can make a reservation as soon as possible to benefit from our transfer service. At this stage, we take prepayment and we have set the rate as 5%. At the same time, you can learn more detailed information in this way.

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Armas Bella Sun and Antalya Airport Distance

You can get many new experiences within the scope of our Armas Bella Sun transfer service. Especially you can watch the Antalya view and the Mediterranean view at the same time. The airport is one of the most preferred addresses in transfer services. There are two airports in Antalya. One of them is located in Alanya and is known as Gazipaşa Airport. It is generally used for hotels in Alanya region. There is also Antalya Airport. This airport is located at a much more central point and is preferred very often. Antalya Airport is also generally used in Armas Bella Sun transfer service.

You need to specify distance information in transfer services. This is also valid in Armas Bella Sun transfer service. The distance between Armas Bella Sun and Antalya Airport is 61,5 kilometers. This journey usually ends within 54 minutes. All this service information is also specified during the reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free food and beverage service included in Armas Bella Sun transfer service?

There is free beverage service in our Armas Bella Sun transfer service. You can contact privately for food.

Which methods other than cards are available for payment in Armas Bella Sun transfer service?

You can also choose EFT and money transfer methods when paying for Armas Bella Sun transfer service.

Is there a reservation requirement for Armas Bella Sun transfer service?

Armas Bella Sun transfer service has a reservation requirement. You can use our transfer service by making a reservation.

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