Ng Phaselis Bay Transfer

NG Phaselis Bay Transfer: For Luxury Travel

Our NG Phaselis Bay transfer service makes travel more enjoyable by offering you luxury journeys. Comfort and luxury are the most important issues in transfer services. In this way, traveling can be more efficient and enjoyable. Safety is also important. In this way, you can feel safe during the journey. The vehicles we prefer in transfer services are regularly checked. If you want to take advantage of these advantages on the way to your hotel, you can make a reservation immediately.

NG Phaselis Bay hotel is quite spacious and has many types of rooms. Superior rooms, deluxe rooms, suites and villas are examples. Of course, these types also diversify within themselves to offer rooms suitable for families, couples and more. The hotel is associated with many bays and one of them is Secret Bay. Beluga Bay is also one of the places where you can spend time while staying at the hotel. The hotel has large pools and an aquapark area. It is possible for the children to have fun while you have fun. You can choose our NG Phaselis Bay transfer service to reach this hotel as soon as possible!

NG Phaselis Bay Transfer Vehicles and Features

There are many vehicle options in our NG Phaselis Bay transfer service. These vehicles allow you to experience the best of luxury travel. Our vehicles are Mercedes brand and our vehicles have varieties within themselves. You, our customers, decide on our vehicles. You must first make a reservation for the transfer. You can see the vehicle types during the reservation. The number of jobs and prices are also written next to the vehicle types. These prices are determined by kilometer and the number of people is also effective.

Vito and Sprinter models stand out among our NG Phaselis Bay transfer vehicles. You can enjoy traveling with few people with our Vito vehicles. These vehicles have 1-7 person options. Usually small families prefer these vehicles. These models are also at the forefront especially for single travels. There are also sprinter vehicles in NG Phaselis Bay transfer service. Sprinter vehicles are quite crowded vehicles and are considered suitable for large families. Especially people traveling as a family from abroad may prefer this method. These vehicles have a capacity of 16 people and you can also see 12-seater models.


Distance between NG Phaselis Bay and Antalya Airport

There are many important issues in NG Phaselis Bay transfer service. We provide this service all over Antalya. Of course, Antalya Airport is also included in this scope. Antalya Airport is the largest airport in the city and is preferred during the transfer phase with many airports. Especially if you are coming from abroad, you may often prefer this airport. In this case, the distance between your preferred hotel and the airport becomes important. The distance between NG Phaselis Bay hotel and the airport affects the pricing considerably. The distance between NG Phaselis Bay and Antalya Airport is 56 kilometers. This journey is usually completed in 54 minutes. This route is a very scenic route.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a credit card to pay for NG Phaselis Bay transfer services?

Of course, credit card is a frequently preferred method for payments. However, your card must be open to international payments.

Can we learn the amount to be paid before NG Phaselis Bay transfer service?

You can find out the amount to be paid before the NG Phaselis Bay transfer service. This information will be displayed on the screen during the reservation.

Is reservation required for NG Phaselis Bay transfer service?

NG Phaselis Bay transfer service requires a reservation. For this reason, you should make a reservation at the earliest.

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