Side Dosi Hotel Transfer

Side Dosi Hotel Transfer: Luxury Journeys With You

Luxury journeys are with you with Side Dosi Hotel transfer service. It is quite natural that you expect luxury elements in the transfer service. In this way, you can also try a luxury travel. The most important issue in transfer services is of course a safe travel. However, there are also important factors other than that. One of these is luxury. Luxury in transfer services can be seen in both vehicle quality and service system. The quality of the vehicles is especially understood by factors such as how new they are, vehicle seats. The service system can also be understood especially with our experienced drivers and in-car services.

Side Dosi Hotel is a 4-star hotel. All rooms have a hair dryer, satellite television, minibar, safe, balcony and telephone. There is also a ventilation system in the rooms. Side Dosi Hotel has one outdoor and one indoor restaurant. There is also a pool bar and a lobby bar. You can eat at the hotel as an open buffet.

The hotel has two different pools for adults. One of these pools also has a slide. There is also a pool for small children and there is also a slide. In addition, the hotel has Turkish bath services, sauna services, massage areas, game room, TV room, volleyball court, garden for children. These services can be tried in a short time with Side Dosi Hotel transfer service.

Side Dosi Hotel Transfer Details

Details in Side Dosi Hotel transfer services attract the attention of many people. At this stage, the most curious vehicles. The vehicles we use in our transfer service have many types. These vehicles cover models from 2019 and later, so you can use modern vehicles. The materials used in the vehicles are obtained from the most luxurious and quality materials. In this way, you can travel comfortably.

We also have free services in transfer services. We offer you alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks free of charge during the transfer. There is also TV service in transfer vehicles. In this way, you can watch satellite TV. you can also benefit from free internet service during the transfer. You can also do many activities with free internet. There are special seats for our babies in the transfer services and pets can also travel with you.

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Side Dosi Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

The distance between Side Dosi Hotel and Antalya Airport is 64 kilometers. Usually 56 minutes is enough for this journey, but the journey time may vary depending on the problems experienced on the road. Side Dosi Hotel transfer service starts with the most preferred address of many people. This address is Antalya Airport. It is possible to use Antalya Airport as a boarding address and arrival address.

You must specify this information on the basis of reservation. The transfer service distance covers everywhere in Antalya, including both your hotel and Antalya Airport. You can try many advantages during the transfer. Traveling with a transfer is much more enjoyable because you can watch both the Mediterranean view and Antalya during the journey in our vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage should the payment be made for Side Dosi Hotel transfer services?

There is no definite stage for payment in Side Dosi Hotel transfer service. You can pay before or after the transfer

Can we make the payment for Side Dosi Hotel transfer service during the reservation?

You can make the payment for Side Dosi Hotel transfer service during the reservation. This preference belongs to you.

Who prefers the vehicle in Side Dosi Hotel transfer service?

Vehicle preference in Side Dosi Hotel transfer service belongs to you. For this reason, you can choose a vehicle with the reservation before the transfer.

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