Side Serenis Hotel Transfer

Side Serenis Hotel Transfer: Luxury Vehicles

Our Side Serenis Hotel transfer service can be done with luxury vehicles. If you want to try the most luxurious vehicles, you can contact us immediately and complete the reservation process. You can do all of these steps on our website. You also choose the luxury vehicle at this stage. We offer you many vehicles. You can choose the vehicle you want. Check our website for details!

Side Serenis Hotel is a 5-star hotel. This hotel is located on an area of 20,000 square meters. The hotel has its own beach and is 500 meters away. The hotel has 358 rooms and a capacity of 766 people. The hotel has standard room type, economy room type, family room type and duplex room type. The hotel has a main restaurant and 3 a’la carte restaurants. Serenis Hotel has a large pool, aquapark, wave pool, indoor pool and children’s pool. Within the scope of the hotel, there are billiards, doctor, shops, water sports and many other service areas. Try all these as soon as possible with Side Serenis Hotel transfer service!

Side Serenis Hotel Transfer Vehicles

Our Side Serenis Hotel transfer vehicles will make you very happy. Our vehicles are Mercedes brand and top quality. These vehicles are completely 2019 models and above. Our vehicles have two different models as vito and sprinter. Our Vito vehicles are a more special vehicle with a maximum capacity of 6 people. With these vehicles, small numbers of people and small groups can usually travel. Our Sprinter vehicles have a capacity of up to 16 people. Each vehicle has the same facility and you can benefit from all the facilities.

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Side Serenis Hotel Transfer Service

Use many free facilities while traveling with our Side Serenis Hotel transfer service. Among these, free satellite TV service stands out. In this way, watch TV in the vehicle. There is also free internet within the transfer service. Complete your work in the vehicle with this internet. Apart from these, we also offer you free drinks. These are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All facilities of our transfer service are open to you.

Distance between Side Serenis Hotel and Antalya Airport

Many details about Side Serenis Hotel transfer service are determined by address information. For this reason, there is a reservation phase before the transfer service. At this stage, we get address information from you. With this information, the details of the transfer are actually determined. This address information also determines the distance. These distances are also effective in pricing and time determination.

The airport is among the most preferred addresses for our Side Serenis Hotel transfer service. Antalya Airport is the most preferred airport in the city. In this way, we have direct transfer services from this airport. The distance between Side Serenis Hotel and Antalya Airport is 61,5 kilometers. The time required for this journey is determined as 53 minutes. Of course, this time is not standard and may vary. You should be ready for such changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vehicle models can we prefer for Side Serenis Hotel transfer service?

There are vito and sprinter vehicles in our Side Serenis Hotel transfer service and you can choose the one that suits you.

What determines the transfer fee for Side Serenis Hotel transfer service?

The price of Side Serenis Hotel transfer service is determined by factors such as the distance between two addresses, the number of vehicles and people.

Are pets included in Side Serenis Hotel transfer service?

Pets are also included in our Side Serenis Hotel transfer service. For this service, you must first send us the information of your pets.

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