Side Square Hotel Transfer

Side Square Hotel Transfer: Best Standards

You can travel at the best standards with our Side Square Hotel transfer service. There are many important stages in airport transfer services. When these are applied in the best way, you will also get the best service. Our transfer service has the quality to offer you this comfort. At the same time, we exhibit our international working principle by serving tourists from all over the world. With Side Square Hotel transfer service, we ensure that you reach the address you want as soon as possible in the safest way.

Side Square Hotel is a 4-star hotel and has many attractive features. Side Square Hotel has standard rooms, family rooms and economy class rooms. The rooms have common services such as air conditioning, TV, beds, telephone, shower, toilet, hair dryer. At the same time, the hotel has one main restaurant. There is an all-inclusive buffet here. You can also try the flavors of international cuisine.

The hotel’s main restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel is 1.5 kilometers from the beach. The hotel has its own private beach and the ground is sandy. The hotel has 1 pool. This pool is an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel also has a spa service. There is a Turkish bath, sauna, massage room and relaxation rooms. You can take advantage of Side Square Hotel transfer service immediately to experience each of these services!

Side Square Hotel Transfer Our Advantages

With our Side Square Hotel transfer advantages, you can make luxury journeys at very affordable prices. Because while we offer you advantageous opportunities, we do them in the most luxurious way. There is free beverage service in our transfer service. These drinks are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In addition, we also have in-car services among the advantages of our transfer service. There are services such as satellite TV and air conditioning in the vehicle. At the same time, there is no person limit in our transfer service.

Our vehicles are safe and our vehicles undergo regular checks. In this way, you can experience the comfort of the vehicle in the transfer service. There is no mileage limit in the vehicle and every place in Antalya is included in our transfer service. The drivers in our vehicles are experienced and speak more than one language. You can learn the details at the time of booking.

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Side Square Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

If you want to benefit from the airport service in Side Square Hotel transfer services, you should specify this in your reservation. For this, you should choose Antalya Airport as your boarding address or arrival address. Antalya Airport is one of the most preferred airports and the most used airport in Antalya. In this way, you can go directly from here to your hotel in Side. However, there is a distance and payment is made according to the distance. For this reason, you must first learn the kilometer between the two distances.

The distance between Side Square Hotel and Antalya Airport is 65.8 kilometers. This journey is usually completed within 60 minutes and the trip is completed in this way. You can benefit from many free facilities during the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is airport pick-up service included in Side Square Hotel transfer service?

Airport pick-up service is also included in our Side Square Hotel transfer service. There is no extra charge for this service.

Can we prefer a driver who speaks our language for Side Square Hotel transfer service?

If you have such an expectation from Side Square Hotel transfer service, in this case you should contact us and specify this.

Can I make changes to the Side Square Hotel transfer service?

You can make changes 24 hours before the Side Square Hotel transfer service. However, we must have a suitable vehicle for the day and time you will make changes.

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