Side Village Hotel Transfer

Side Village Hotel Transfer: Safe for Children

Our Side Village Hotel transfer service is mostly safe for children. There are many important factors in our transfer service. The most important of these is the safety factor. Because a safe travel is always the most essential element. Safe travel is most necessary for children. In this way, children’s travel can be more enjoyable. Many parents think of their children in transfer services. They want to reach transfer services with suitable facilities for their children. Side Village Hotel transfer service also makes it possible for children to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Side Village Hotel is a 4-star Side hotel. The hotel has an all-inclusive concept and also has an outdoor pool. The hotel has both a restaurant and a beach bar. The hotel also has free internet in the lobby. There are two different room concepts in the hotel, a standard room and a family room type. The rooms have air conditioning, hair dryer, balcony, bathroom, toilet, LCD television and minibar. There is also a mini fridge.

The hotel has an outdoor restaurant and an indoor restaurant. There is also a slide and it is fun for children. Side Village Hotel transfer service is the most luxurious option for parents who want to keep their children happy!

Side Village Hotel Transfer Vehicles

We have a lot of vehicle alternatives in our transfer service. You can travel happily with our variety of vehicles. Our vehicles also include alternatives suitable for every budget, so you can be more comfortable while traveling. Side Village transfer vehicles have vito and sprinter models. Our Vito vehicles and sprinter vehicles are known for 2019 and above models. The vito models in our transfer vehicles are suitable for a small number of people. Sprinter vehicles are also suitable for capacities up to 16 people.

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Advantages of our Side Village Hotel Transfer Service

With the advantages of our Side Village transfer service, you can take advantage of many opportunities before and during your trip. We offer pre-travel reservation service in Side Village Hotel transfer service. You can also make this reservation and you only need to enter the website. We also offer many advantages during the travel. These include free drinks, free internet and free TV facilities. Side Village Hotel appeals to all ages with its transfer service advantages. Having a pleasant time while traveling with Side Village Hotel transfer service is the best advantage. So the transfer service offers you many luxuries.

Side Village Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

We care about the transfer distance within the Side Village Hotel transfer service. For this, we ask you for two addresses. A price is determined according to the distance between these addresses. The distance between Side Village Hotel and Antalya Airport is 61.3 kilometers. Usually 53 minutes is enough for this journey and then the transfer service is completed. With Side Village Hotel transfer service, it is possible to travel from the longest distances to the shortest distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we pay attention to when choosing Side Village Hotel transfer vehicles?

During the vehicle selection in Side Village Hotel transfer service, it is necessary to pay attention to both the prices and the features of the vehicle.

Is the vehicle cleaned before Side Village Hotel transfer?

We apply in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle cleaning service before and after Side Village Hotel transfer service.

Which methods can we prefer when paying for Side Village Hotel transfer services?

You can choose EFT, money order and card options when paying for Side Village Hotel transfer services.

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