Side Zeugma Hotel Transfer

Side Zeugma Hotel Transfer: Fast Transfer Experience

We offer you the fastest transfer experience in Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service and in this way you can be at the hotel whenever you want. You can also catch your flight at the airport. During the transfer service, we take you to the address from the safest routes. In this way, you can have a pleasant travel experience without worrying during the journey.

Side Zeugma Hotel has many types of rooms. Among these rooms, there are many room types as standard type, superior type, swim up and Luxury type. There are also many service areas in the hotel. It is a hotel with a 24/7 open market. There is also a hairdresser, spa and fitness center. The hotel has a relaxation pool and there are umbrellas and sun loungers in these pools.

Traditional Turkish dishes are served in the hotel. There is also international cuisine and it is possible to try the flavors of many countries. There is also a buffet at the hotel. The hotel also has facilities for spa, massage and hammam. With Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service, you can try them in the fastest way!

Side Zeugma Hotel Transfer Advantages

With Side Zeugma Hotel transfer advantages, you can also learn what you wonder about traveling. Our transfer service offers you many opportunities. We start these services while you are still at the airport. In other words, we get the flight number from you and follow your flight. In this way, we are at the door of the airport as soon as you get off the plane. In this way, you do not wait for travel. Of course, the advantages are not limited to this.

Another advantage in our transfer service is the vehicles. Our transfer vehicles are quite modern. The vehicles used for transfer include 2019 models and above. These vehicles also have models such as Vito and sprinter. In this way, you can make choices according to your budget and needs during the transfer. We also have free in-vehicle services during the transfer. One of them is free drinks. Because these drinks are available in alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. You can also try free Internet and free satellite TV services.

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Side Zeugma Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

Antalya Airport may be one of the transfer addresses in Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service. Of course, this is a preference and may vary in general. There are two airports in Antalya. One of them is Gazipaşa Airport. This airport is located in Alanya region and is generally not preferred for Side hotels. An alternative for those who prefer Side hotels is Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport is a popular address and can be a frequent boarding address or arrival address in transfer services. We welcome you at the airport gate. Here we carry your belongings and take you to your hotel.

Distance becomes an important factor here and therefore it is necessary to know the time difference between the two addresses. The distance between Antalya Airport and Side Zeugma Hotel is 67 kilometers. The time determined for this journey is 1 hour. During the transfer service, you can complete this time by watching the view.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage should I pay the transfer fee for Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service?

You can pay the transfer fee for Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service at the beginning or at the end of the transfer.

Is there food and beverage service in the vehicle during Side Zeugma Hotel transfer services?

In our Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service, we offer beverage service during the transfer. These drinks are free of charge.

Is there an age limit for Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service?

There is no age limit for Side Zeugma Hotel transfer service. Children can also travel with their parents.

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