Tac Premier Hotel Spa Transfer

TAC Premier Hotel Spa Transfer: World Brand Company

We offer you our TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service as a world brand company. Our company, which is famous in the global world, has made a name for itself everywhere with its most luxurious and quality service. You can experience more luxurious standards and advantages while traveling with transfer services.

TAC Premier Hotel Spa is a hotel located in Alanya and offers space for vacation for 12 months. The hotel’s facilities include restaurant, bar, pool, beach, spa service. This hotel has two different room types. One of them is a standard room. Another is the family room. These rooms have LCD TV, satellite broadcasting, air conditioning for hot and cold, bathroom and toilet, internet, kettle, tea and coffee, milk powder, hair dryer and so on. Internet is available for a fee. It is possible to reach these facilities immediately with our TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service!

TAC Premier Hotel Spa Transfer Vehicle Services

Our TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer vehicles are known for having many alternatives. Our vehicles are Mercedes brand and our vehicles have two types within themselves. You can travel as a small number of people or as many people with our Vito and sprinter vehicles. There are also free services in these vehicles. There are free drinks and internet service in the vehicle. There are also details such as air conditioning. In these vehicles, top quality fabrics from special materials are preferred and these are seen on the seats. There is also TV service in the vehicles. We offer this transfer service 24/7. In this way, you can travel comfortably.

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Hotel: https://tacpremierhotels.com/

TAC Premier Hotel Spa and Gazipasa Airport Distance

Airport transfer service should be planned especially before the trip. In this way, the transfer service is completed comfortably. Because there may be a time problem for the transfer service. You can plan your trip in advance by making a reservation as soon as possible. If you are coming to Antalya by plane, then you will need a transfer service. Because other alternatives are public transportation and subject options. Taxi will be both uncomfortable and expensive. Although public transportation is affordable, it will be crowded and tiring. It can also be completed in a much longer time. However, thanks to the transfer service, a comfortable, safe and fast transfer is possible.

The same applies to TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service. You can learn the mileage information by entering your hotel and airport address into the system. Of course, you should also pay attention to the choice of airport in the transfer service. You make this choice completely. In this way, you also determine the travel distance. If you prefer Antalya Airport, the distance will be longer and the fare will change accordingly.

However, since the hotel is located in Alanya, you can choose Gazipasa Airport for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service. The distance between TAC Premier Hotel Spa and Gazipasa Airport is 42,5 kilometers. The time it takes to complete this journey is 48 minutes. In the meantime, you can experience complimentary drinks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service?

Card method is the most preferred payment method for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service. There are also money transfer and EFT options.

What documents do we need to provide you for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer reservation?

No documents are required for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer reservation. You can make the reservation with your personal information.

For how many people can we make a reservation for TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service?

There is no person limit for booking in TAC Premier Hotel Spa transfer service. However, the vehicles are maximum 16 people.

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