Alanya Group Turkey Health Tourism; is an international health tourism company that is committed to providing the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey to its patients by combining the most effective treatment method and the lowest cost options for patients all over the world. Alanya Group is a model health tourism assistant company with its professional, strong and experienced team.
There are over 50 specially selected hospitals and clinics under the umbrella of Alanya Group.

Health tourism Antalya

This hospital network has been carefully selected by the professional healthcare team of Alanya Group, looking from the eyes of the patients. We have achieved very successful results in cooperation with the most distinguished clinics and physicians of our country in the field of Hair Transplant, Aesthetic Surgery, Dental Treatments and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) for many years, helping many families to end their longing for children.

Alanya Health Services

Alanya Group chooses the doctor and hospital where the patient can get the most accurate and best service by having a good grasp of the patient’s entire disease process. Performs the necessary preliminary interview on behalf of the patient with the doctor chosen by the patient specifically for this disease. It guarantees the lowest price for the relevant surgery and treatment in Turkey. He will receive a lower price than the price he will receive from the hospital. With the assurance of Alanya Group, they will be able to receive the same service at a more affordable price in the same hospital.

We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in another country, in a foreign culture. For this reason, we accompany our patients at every stage of their treatment to make them feel that they are always “at home” and that they are never alone. With Alanya Group health service, we guarantee you a safe and stress-free medical travel.

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