Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort Transfer
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Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort Transfer: Comfort and Luxury

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service is offered to everyone with its professional details. Transfer service is provided by us and with this service, it is possible to go to your hotel, from your hotel to the airport and many other locations you want. Transportation in an unfamiliar city can be challenging.

In this case, it is possible to speed up transportation and make it more enjoyable. Especially within the scope of transfer service, we also offer you comfort. Our cars are quite varied and vary depending on everyone’s wishes. If you want to save time in Antalya and see the most beautiful views in a comfortable way, you can also contact us. For this, it is enough to click a few buttons.

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort Transfer Service

Our Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service includes many services. At the beginning of these, we need to pick you up from the airport.  Our driver receives professional training and thus has knowledge about the pick-up service. We meet you at the airport and this way you save time. Renting a car at the airport or taking public transportation can be a complete waste of time. Our transfer service includes luggage transportation service as well as pick-up. Our employees carry your belongings and place them in the vehicles.

We have beverage service in our vehicles. In this way, you can consume free drinks. Our vehicles are air-conditioned and these vehicles are cleaned to provide completely hygienic conditions.Our vehicle variety is quite high and we have a vehicle suitable for every taste. Our Citroen Elysee, Passat, Citroes C3 and Mercedes Vito vehicles are offered in 4 different vehicle types. Citroen Elysee is an economic model vehicle. Passat is in the mid-level vehicle category. While our Citroen C3 vehicle is in the SUV category, Mercedes Vito is known as a panel van vehicle. Of course, the person capacity of each vehicle is different and for this reason, you can choose the vehicle before the transfer process.

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service is possible with these 4 vehicles. You can visit many places in Antalya by renting these vehicles. You can especially go to the hotel, you can go to many points you want from the hotel or you can choose us for the airport. Our Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service is completely safe and aims to offer you a luxury travel. We are a suitable choice for traveling in Antalya in the fastest way in the shortest time. Check this content for our range of cars:

Distance between Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort and Antalya Airport

Our Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service starts from the airport. The distance between Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort and Antalya Airport is 33.5 kilometers. You can choose us to complete this distance as soon as possible. It is enough to enter a few information into the system for reservation. Or if you prefer, you can make a reservation by calling us directly. You can click here to contact us or make a direct reservation.

How to Get to Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort A from Antalya Airport?

Check out the road map! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Is there a person limit in your transfer service?

Yes, we have a person limit. Number of people varies according to vehicle capacity.

– Who chooses the vehicle in Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort transfer service?

You can choose the vehicle. However, you need to get the information about the availability of the car from us.

-How are the transfer service fees?

There are many factors such as road and vehicle that affect the price in transfer service. You can contact us.

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