Sea Star Islamic Hotel Transfer

Sea Star Islamic Hotel Transfer

Sea Star Islamic Hotel transfer service works to get you to your hotel in the most comfortable way. Sea Star Islamic Hotel has rooms that are far from ostentatious. Some of these rooms have sea views, televisions, and mini-fridges, while the most luxurious rooms have a jacuzzi. This three-star hotel also has simply decorated restaurants and two cafes serving halal food, drinks, and snacks. It takes a minimum of two hours to reach this hotel, which has four outdoor pools, a playground for children, a hammam and spa, a children’s club, board games, and water sports, from Antalya airport, and an hour to reach from Alanya Airport. Sea Star Islami Hotel transfer services are ready for you!

Since a private car is required to reach this hotel from Antalya airport, you can take advantage of our Sea Star Islamic Hotel transfer service, which will take only one and a half hours. The journey from Alanya airport to Sea Star Islamic Hotel will take only forty minutes with our transfer service. Are you ready to feel the comfort of your bones while saving time?

Our Sea Star Islamic Hotel Transfer

We offer airport transfer service with car rental for airports such as Antalya airport and Alanya airport, and we help you reach any location you want at any time. In line with your wishes and budget, we help you to benefit from many kinds of transfer services, including economic, VIP, driver, and driverless.

Why Should You Benefit From Our Hotel Transfer Service?

Although it will be expensive for many people to rent a private car and go to their places of stay with these vehicles, it can be difficult to drive carefully and professionally in Antalya, which is about to become a metropolitan city. You may encounter an unexpected level of traffic on unfamiliar roads, you may waste time waiting in traffic unnecessarily, or you may lose your way with navigation.

Experiencing such problems on a holiday you come for peace and relaxation, especially when the weather is sweltering, can ruin your holiday. In cases where you do not rent a private car, you have to wait for the bus and get on that crowded bus or pay more by taking a taxi.


Sea Star Islamic Hotel Transportation Options

With our Alanya Group transfer vehicles, which will help you have a quality and comfortable journey, we quickly transport you to Sea Star Islamic Hotel under very favorable conditions.

The ultra-luxury Mercedes VitoIt has heated seats, television, air conditioning and many other features to help you have an extremely comfortable journey.
Mercedes Vito V Class TransferYou will feel like a VIP with this vehicle that protects your private life with its black windows that will prevent you from being seen from the outside.
Wv Caravella TransferYou can have a spacious journey with this vehicle, which has both comfortable seats and a large area.

Sea Star Islamic Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

You can go to and from the airport with our Sea Star Islamic Hotel transfer service. The distance between Sea Star Islamic Hotel and Antalya Airport is 117 kilometers. This journey is completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Discover the Mediterranean Sea and Antalya during the long journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an hour limit for Sea Star Islamic Hotel transfer?

Our transfer process is done within the hours you specify. There is an extra 1 hour waiting option.

Are the vehicles used for transfer cleaned regularly?

Of course they are cleaned. Our vehicles are disinfected every time.

What is the maximum capacity of the vehicles used for transfer?

Our vehicles have a maximum capacity of 16 people.

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